Viper Magazine


Help Viper Magazine become the brand it deserves to be, increase readership and brand recognition, and open new streams of revenue– all without alienating tens of thousands of current brand champions.


A refreshing identity for the label which presents the it’s illustrious history, and engages a new audience with an exclusive blog ‘In The Know’. An increase in brand awareness with an influx of visitors on both the site and social media platforms. 


Increase in monthly readsership


Increase in Social Following


Increase in page views


Instagram Live Viewers


Funnel Conversion Rate


Drop in bounce rate

Brand Refresh

A New Logo

The long-standing magazine has built up years of brand recognition into their logo. We took what was working well with the previous logo and refined its form to work on a broader scale of applications and sizes.



Increased page views, decreased bounce rates, and… delight.

Through deep analysis we were able to create an accurate profile of who exactly the Viper customer is…

Our team was able to give the magazine a full overhaul, by producing and shooting the magazine covers, new interview series and setting up live streaming show- we were able to maintain the brand’s progressive and youthful direction with each issue.
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