Prisoners of Paradise


Help AMG International Film capture the hearts and minds of people with a socially relevant movie release.


An ongoing campaign which has seen tens of thousands of interactions in anticipation for the film premiere in Autumn 2021.

Developing the Strategy

Over a number of sessions with the film production team we began to understand the unique challenges of a movie like this. We prioritized the goal of raising the awareness of brand, through creating conversations about the film and it’s topicsindentured labor, equal rights and having a female lead.

Defining the Brand

Throughout the strategy session it was clear the story of making this film was as engaging as the film itself- so we pitched a relevant making of documentary- ‘How to make a move during a global pandemic?’

Understanding the Users

We know the youth market well and that social media is at the forefront of discussion when it comes to topical social issues. We created a number of conversations around the film’s topics amongst celebrities and cast alike (Troy Deeney, KSI, Ellie Bamber).


Understanding what this film could mean to people, helped define the sort of campaign we should run. In an unorthodox manner, the films trailer and logo with be beamed on to iconic London monuments (Marble Arch, Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Dome) coupled with billboards all over the country (Waterloo Motion, Shoreditch High Street, Manchester Picadilly).

The Outcome

Increased brand awareness, increased page views and lot’s of social media conversation…

EPK Production

Netflix-esque interviews shot across London, Los Angeles, Paris and Mauritius. Giving the audience an insight into the actors behind the roles and their perspective on the relevance of this film today.

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